A music storming laboratory in Imatra, Finland


There is not much to say about recording. Choose the right microphone, find the best position for it and carefully set the preamplifier. Later recorded material can be little improved during the mixing stage, but why fix, when we can do it right straight from the start. Do you want to record a song as a gift for somebody? Or do you need a demo?


Recording and re-amping is happening in a small recording room. I record guitarists, solo musicians, singers and rappers. For bands I can rent a suitable bigger studio.

“I work as well with amateur enthusiastic musicians who do not have experiences with a music studio. Finishing the song is not that easy. I am able to help you with your songs, record what you need and make it sound right. I am here for you to push your ideas. From lyrics writing to performance of it. From melody to chords progressions. From loop to the whole track.”Ondřej


  • Address: Rouskunkatu 8 C24, 55510 Imatra
  • Phone: +358 449 641 934
  • E-mail:
  • Producer's portfolio: Ondřej Grzegorz

example of song recorded for school project video