A music storming laboratory in Imatra, Finland


As a band you may need a "third ear" to critically judge your songs and push them to professional level. Production does not stop here. It is a whole process of creating album or song. From writing music, recording, arranging, mixing and finalization, preparation for target medium. The point is to steamroll the competition with sound, ideas and overall effect.

Tailor-made sound

Every genre and artist needs something else for reaching professional outcomes. The approach depends on many variables and often little is needed to get the sound unlike any other. There might be issues with arranging from the start. Less is more but more is demanding.

“I can offer you professional recording and producing of your project. It is always good to hear another opinion and listen your own material on various different speakers. Apart from mixing and mastering you can get advice and help. I can put your music on Spotify, i-Tunes and similar services. According to your style, I can find you other producers to work with.” Ondřej


  • Address: Rouskunkatu 8 C24, 55510 Imatra
  • Phone: +358 449 641 934
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  • Producer's portfolio: Ondřej Grzegorz

remixing, re-arranging, adding instruments, mix, master