A music storming laboratory in Imatra, Finland


Is the mixing the most important part of music production? Opinions vary but I think it is. Especially the so-called creative mixing. It has the power to completely change the expression and the mood of music. When you have a good recorded material and musicians with open minds, mixing becomes an enjoyable process of searching the right sound and making hard decisions.

Creative mix

The art of mixing is not something everybody can do right. You need years of practise, listening different genres, huge load of experience and a healthy pair of ears at last. There is a shameful amount of music out there which is mixed poorly and an even bigger amount which is mixed in a dull, tiresome way, without any added value to the song.

“Mixing and mastering are two different things but for example in electronic dance music it may be seen as one. In the end, both stages must be done carefully and with a certain passion. For me, mixing is like painting. I am given colours, contures, shapes, shades and a raw version of the work. Let's do it as artists do.” Ondřej


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comparison between raw mix and final mix