A music storming laboratory in Imatra, Finland


The most misunderstood, inapprehensive, overrated and paradoxical term in music industry - mastering. The importance of mastering is tricky. If you have a perfect mix, there is not much to "master". It needs to be understood as the preparation of an album for the target medium and at the same time making overall sound to be comparable towards others. Mastering is the cherry on the top. Nothing more. It won't save your song but done wrong it can truly damage it.

Loud, louder, louderer!

There is no winner in the warzone of loudness. The best is the one who cares about the details and nuances. A mastering engineer with his fresh ears has one more mission than just to polish the mix to professional level, he needs to be able to put all the songs from the album sound like they were made from the same dough.

“I offer you creative and top quality mixing and high definition digital mastering. I can prepare your music for release from the begining to the end. I simply make your music sound as best as it can be. I can help you find a suitable recording label. I make your album available in digital shops, on CDs and vinyl.” Ondřej


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  • Producer's portfolio: Ondřej Grzegorz

comparison between unmastered and mastered clip