A music storming laboratory in Imatra, Finland


Bands are searching for remixers to make their song more popular or prepared for dance club. A good remix can bring the band new audience. Rappers need original beats which correspond with their lyrics, style and mood of rap. It is simple as it is. You can be a skilled hip-hop badboy but with weak beats your art becomes fragile.

Fat beats

Remixing and beat-making go hand in hand as hip-hop culture was always based on sampling and recycling of already completed sound material. Remixer has basically two options: work with the song and rearrange it into some certain style or make a completely new piece based only on few elements from the original song.

“I can produce fat and tight beats for you and record your voice. I will prepare your hip-hop record for official release, make you whole album production including CDs or Vinyl. I can put your music to Spotify, i-Tunes, Deezer, Bandcamp and other servers, as well as promote your work. I may help you get your music to radio and get people to make you a music video.” Ondřej


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examples of handmade beats