A music storming laboratory in Imatra, Finland


Audiobranding is the aesthetical understanding of company appearance which is often misinterpreted and misundestood. Do you need an audio logo for your company? A tune which describes your business and is a part of it? Do you need music or sounds for your webpage or advertisement, radio spot, or sound environment for your company presentation?

This tune fits!

The field of audiobranding is full of bad attitudes, as musicians and designers really do not get the trick. It is most challenging task for sound designer to make a tune spot on. A sound clip should not only represent the brand, but it should make the customer willing to buy the product, now.

“When I watch an advertisement for a food product and I do not feel hungry after it, there is apparently something wrong. It is not usually the picture itself, but the melody which is not appealing enough for its purpose. In the baroque era musicians knew how to simulate certain moods, feelings and urges and those principles have not changed. Just pick the appropriate one in the right time.” Ondřej


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